Energy efficiency planning

Optimize the energy consumption of your property reducing both your bills and maintenance costs.


Energy efficiency planning has the objective to optimize the control of temperature and humidity in historic buildings. More specifically this service aims at providing owners with a correct strategy to control existing heating, dehumidification and ventilation systems without the need to install new and expensive appliances.

More details concerning this service

Temperature and humidity constitute two important factors for the conservation of our heritage. Inappropriate management of climate control systems can accelerate considerably the deterioration of historic materials leading to expensive and lengthy repairs. The preventive identification of the impact of environmental factors on historic buildings and an energy efficiency plan not only helps owners to ensure reducing energy bills and maintenance costs, but it also endorses the discovering of hidden energy performance shortcomings that might require appropriate repair or upgrade, in compliance with the energy efficiency regulations.

Who is it for?

Keeping your building healthy does not always imply expensive and invasive works. In fact, a correct control of heating, dehumidification and natural ventilation devices already active in your property can in most of the cases effectively improve the environmental conditions reducing both the risk of damage and energy costs. An energy efficiency plan is recommended for public and private owners of historic buildings which suffer from dampness related issues or require rationalizing their heating strategy.

How is it done?

When planning for the optimization of energy use, it is necessary to begin with understanding the building by a preliminary inspection. This will enable to identify building defects and also to properly locate the logging equipment in its interior. The performance of heating, dehumidification and natural ventilation within the building is monitored by measuring the change in time of various parameters such as temperature and relative humidity. Data is then analyzed and interpreted in order to recommend a daily care procedure necessary to achieve optimal energy efficiency.

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