Maintenance planning

Acting before a damage appears is better than reacting to it, avoiding unnecessarily high repair costs.


Maintenance is the routine work needed to help our buildings to perform well. It consists in checking their conditions with a predefined time step, reporting any problems and deciding when and if specific maintenance tasks (e.g. cleaning of gutters, fixing slipped slates in roofing, replacing broken glass) or preventive work is necessary. If well planned, maintenance can control the effects of the degradation processes to an acceptable rate inducing a better allocation of economic resources in time. This means for the owners lower total expenses for smaller repairs in the short term compared to the high costs of extensive intervention in the long run.

More details concerning this service

Who is it for?

Maintenance planning is a powerful management strategy advisable for any type of historic construction irrespective of its state of conservation. This service cyclically provides a snapshot of the ongoing situation of the building helping in updating continuously the schedule of necessary actions to be taken and thus maintaining the deterioration to a feasible level.

Being aware of the current state of your property and having an up-to-date plan can optimize maintenance and operational costs while taking adequate care of your building and its architectonic and artistic features. It can also prevent unexpected expenses and allow foreseeing necessary administrative burdens such as applications for permits and funding proposals.

How is it done?

Maintenance planning service consists of different phases necessary for a comprehensive understanding of the building performance and how this can get better. A building condition assessment provides an in-depth inspection of the structure and its parts; a detailed survey may also be required in order to provide further insights on a specific critical situation within the building. Planning basically represents the framework in which criticalities are related to maintenance tasks and given a time reference. Monitoring constitutes an action usually required throughout the whole duration of the inspection, implementation and planning phases as it provides important clues concerning the effectiveness of the planning.

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